Why the intent of Kelly Tilghman’s "lynch" Tiger comment doesn’t matter

mulligan, 10 January 2008, Comments Off
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A number of sports broadcasters (including some of my favorites like Mike Tirico, Mike Wilbon, Scott Van Pelt) have attempted to defend Kelly Tilghman (but, of course, not her “lynch” comment) as possessing no malicious intent.

But lots of people who make off-color jokes don’t intend to offend anyone or have any malice, yet their words can still offend. As Page Thompson, the president of The Golf Channel, explained: “Quite frankly, I don’t know what she was thinking. I found the comment to be offensive. No one here thinks that Kelly meant the remark to hurt Tiger Woods or anyone else, but the words were hurtful and that’s why she was suspended.” (More)


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