John McCain introducer David Bellavia disparages Tiger Woods (and Barack Obama)

mulligan, 08 April 2008, Comments Off
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It’s very unfortunate that Tiger Woods has to face another racially insensitive remark (see Kelly Tilghman’s remark for the most recent and then, of course, who can forget Fuzzy Zoeller’s outrageous reception for Tiger at the 1997 Masters), this time on the day before the Masters by David Bellavia, a person chosen to introduce John McCain at a war rally.

Referring to Barack Obama, Bellavia said: “You can have your Tiger Woods, we’ve got Senator McCain….This is the real audacity of hope.” It’s also unfortunate that John McCain said nothing about this slam on Tiger Woods. Just because Tiger’s black, his name is thrown out there as associated with Barack Obama, all in a disparaging way. The race card. Outrageous! Earl Woods, of course, was a Green Beret and Vietnam veteran, so to have his son’s name invoked in an insulting fashion at a war rally apparently by another military man is appalling.


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