Did David Feherty’s joke about killing Senators kill National Golf Day lobbying effort on Capitol Hill?

mulligan, 13 May 2009, Comments Off
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Today is National Golf Day. Business leaders from golf are trying to lobby Congress to convince them how important golf is to the economy. Golf has already received a lot of flak from a few PGA sponsors receiving bailout money but hosting golf tourneys.

Jerry Potter of USA Today writes that David Feherty’s lame-brained joke about killing Senators Pelosi and Reid has caused a major distraction for the National Golf Day lobbying effort. Can’t blame Senators who are skeptical of golf after being the butt of jokes about killing them, can you?

Potter writes: “Another high-profile lowlight came last week, when CBS golf analyst David Feherty wrote in a Dallas magazine that Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., would be in danger of being killed if they were caught on an elevator with U.S. soldiers. Feherty apologized and said he meant his comments to be humorous, but CBS and the Tour denounced them.

“Golf often is depicted as an elitist sport that’s out of touch with reality, and Feherty’s comments came at a time when golf is being heavily affected by the recession.”



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