The Golf Blog: Hank Haney interview about Tiger Woods, wonders why Tiger hasn’t called Haney

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The Golf Blog says: Hank Haney, former coach of Tiger Woods, is back in the news. Why? Well, he’s talking about Tiger Woods again, this time in an interview with Scott Miller of ESPN The Magazine. Click here.

Our favorite exchange of the interview is the following. Haney said he didn’t talk to Tiger before writing a book about him, but then in the next question seems to suggest that Tiger’s to blame for their lack of communication since Haney quit being Tiger’s coach. If Haney considered Tiger a friend, don’t you think Haney had the responsibility to reach out to Tiger before publishing the book about Tiger? To blame Tiger for the lack of communication is chutzpah.

SCOTT MILLER: Did Tiger know you were writing the book? Did you seek his blessing?
HANK HANEY: I didn’t reach out to him. They were my memories. I didn’t see any reason to seek his blessing.

MILLER: Did you hear from Tiger after the book was published?
HANEY: No, the last time I talked to Tiger was the day after I resigned. He said “Hank, the most important thing is that we’ve been great friends. And we just need to make sure we stay like that.” And I never heard from him again.


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