The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods at age 14 talks about being Michael Jordan of golf, with photo of Jack Nicklaus in bedroom

mulligan, 07 December 2012, Comments Off
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The Golf Blog says: Trans World Sport has brought out this vintage footage of an interview with Tiger Woods when he was 14 years old. The old video is incredibly interesting. It shows Earl Woods talking confidently about how Tiger Woods will win, how his game was built from the green to the tee emphasizing the short game (contra Jack Nicklaus), and how the world was ready for a non-white golfer to win on tour. All pretty prescient at the time.

The young Tiger about his ability to make the clutch shut, his sense of racism at country clubs in Florida and Texas (with people staring at him like he didn’t belong there), and how he may become bigger than Jack Nicklaus among blacks–more like Michael Jordan. The self-awareness at age 14 was precocious.


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