The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods shells out $4 million to save his tourney after losing sponsor

mulligan, 02 December 2012, Comments Off
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The Golf Blog says: The big news this weekend in the world of golf is that Tiger Woods is shelling out $4 million of his own money to save his tournament, the World Challenge, after it lost its sponsor. The tourney will finish today, with Graeme McDowell leading at -13. Tiger, who is at -11, has extra incentive to chase down GMac on Sunday, so Tiger doesn’t have to cough up the winner’s prize of $1 million.

The tournament helps raise money for the Tiger Woods Foundation.

Before you cry for Tiger, he routinely receives multi-million appearance fees, such at Abu Dhabi to a tune of $3 million. So for Tiger to shell out $4 million of his own money is all a matter of him transferring money from his appearance fees, if you’d like to think of it that way.

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