Caddy Steve Williams: Tiger Woods had to modify swing to accommodate knee injury

mulligan, 18 February 2009, Comments Off
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Tiger’s caddy Steve Williams has some revealing comments out in New Zealand. Steve says Tiger is a “few weeks away” from returning and will be back mentally stronger.

But then here’s the quote I found most revealing: “He’s had to modify his swing a little bit to accommodate his knee, but the guy always finds a way. I’m a little nervous myself to see how he’s going to come back.”

I take it that Steve means Tiger had to change his swing after the surgery for his reconstructed knee. That would make sense because my friend just had ACL reconstruction and said that Tiger might have to adjust his swing, given all the rotation on the left knee (especially the violent knee action Tiger used to use to get more distance). If Tiger has changed his swing somewhat, it will be interesting to see this version of Tiger Woods on the course. Can’t wait.

UPDATE: My guess is that Tiger’s people have orchestrated the several recent statements about Tiger from Mark O’Meara and now Stevie Williams. These comments were not made without Tiger’s blessing.


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