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leonard: hope springs eternal

Yazan: mulligan | 31 January 2005 | Comments Off on leonard: hope springs eternal
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Justin Leonard came from 3 shots back to overtake Joe Ogilvie to win the Bob Hope Classic. Here are several interesting factoids: 1. The Hope is the only PGA tournament that is 5 rounds (I believe). Had it been 4 rounds, Joe Ogilvie would have won wire-to-wire. 2. Justin Leonard has switched clubs from Hogan […]

Duval… The Next Beck, Baker-Finch??

Yazan: mulligan | 28 January 2005 | Comments Off on Duval… The Next Beck, Baker-Finch??
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I cannot believe that I am writing this post, but sometimes you need to step off the bandwagon and just be very honest. I remember a few years ago when David Duval won the 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic shooting a beautiful and stunning 59 to win. He was sponsered by Titleist, hid behind is […]

crossing the line

Yazan: mulligan | 27 January 2005 | Comments Off on crossing the line
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Today, I have to cross the line — over into the tennis world. The reason: I am so peeved by the utterly pathetic and biased commentating of Mary Carillo and Dick Enberg at yesterday’s match at the Australian Open between No. 4 Maria Sharapova and No. 7 Serena Williams. It reminded me of 2 things: […]

Lehman Misses 18 inch putt

Yazan: mulligan | 24 January 2005 | Comments Off on Lehman Misses 18 inch putt
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Now I know that Lehman is supposed to be a pro golfer, and as a pro golfer should have nerves of steel. But, Tommy Boy needs to say a prayer next time he gets over an 18 incher for $170k. I know I’ve missed many putts in my life during a $1 or $5 game, […]

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