Lehman Misses 18 inch putt

mulligan, 24 January 2005, Comments Off on Lehman Misses 18 inch putt
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Now I know that Lehman is supposed to be a pro golfer, and as a pro golfer should have nerves of steel. But, Tommy Boy needs to say a prayer next time he gets over an 18 incher for $170k.

I know I’ve missed many putts in my life during a $1 or $5 game, from short range, but $170k from 18 inches is the reason why I’m in school and not playing on the PGA Tour.

I feel bad for Tom, but come on Tom! You are going to lead our US Squad up against the Europeans in the Ryder Cup, and you need to believe in yourself enough to give our team confidence on an 18 incher to win the Cup!


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