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The Tiger report: U.S. Open

Yazan: mulligan | 31 May 2006 | Comments Off on The Tiger report: U.S. Open
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Tiger officially announced (here) he will play in — and has been practicing hard for — the U.S. Open. He also tells a humorous story about Pres. Bill Clinton’s generous scorekeeping for himself versus Tiger (here). “President Clinton rolls one in the bushes, then hits another one off the tee … right in the middle […]

TGB emailbag

Yazan: mulligan | 31 May 2006 | Comments Off on TGB emailbag
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We’ve received some more email from our readers: 1. From Mike Pedersen, a fitness/swing trainer, who says he has a way to “Perform Better Golf” (here). 2. A new blog on the Ryder cup (here). Wow, these guys are really early.

summer fun: mini-golf

Yazan: mulligan | 31 May 2006 | Comments Off on summer fun: mini-golf
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Map Muse has sent us an email describing their directory for mini-golf courses in the U.S., otherwise known as “putt putt.” For all you with kids out there, go here.

John Daly, the bestseller

Yazan: mulligan | 30 May 2006 | Comments Off on John Daly, the bestseller
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John Daly bares all in his book My Life in and out of the Rough, telling of physical abuse from his father, his own battles with alcohol and excessive gambling ($60 million), and even his sexual romps with his second wife (10 times in one day). Sure enough, JD’s now a bestseller. No. 9 on […]

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