The Tiger report: U.S. Open

mulligan, 31 May 2006, Comments Off on The Tiger report: U.S. Open
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Tiger officially announced (here) he will play in — and has been practicing hard for — the U.S. Open. He also tells a humorous story about Pres. Bill Clinton’s generous scorekeeping for himself versus Tiger (here).

“President Clinton rolls one in the bushes, then hits another one off the tee … right in the middle of the fairway, hits a nice little wedge shot up there to about, I don’t know, 6-7 feet.

“I hit a bad pitch, I blasted it by about 12 feet. … Then all of the sudden, he does one of these, [picking up the ball]. It was 6-7 feet and he walked off the green. … So I’m sitting in the cart. He’s writing down the numbers, I happen to kind of [see on the scorecard]…Woods 4, Clinton 3.”


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