Duval… The Next Beck, Baker-Finch??

mulligan, 28 January 2005, Comments Off on Duval… The Next Beck, Baker-Finch??
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I cannot believe that I am writing this post, but sometimes you need to step off the bandwagon and just be very honest.

I remember a few years ago when David Duval won the 1999 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic shooting a beautiful and stunning 59 to win. He was sponsered by Titleist, hid behind is Oakley Sunglasses, and was a man of utter confidence.

Today, when I was looking at scores from Duval’s group from the 2005 Bob Hope Chrysler Classic, I saw:

First Round: 40 – 42 = 82

Second Round: 41 – 38 = 79

Third Round: 36 – 49 = 85

and I thought to myself… Did pgatour.com screw up and put in a member from his Pro-am team or were these David’s scores? Then I thought to myself, I wonder what I would do if I beat a former British Open Champion in a Pro-am, when I pay a large sum of money to hopefully win nice prizes with the tournament? What would I do if I played and whooped on David?

I know that he has had many problems in his life and now is finally for the first time “happy,” but for one of my idols when I was playing Jr. golf to probably being a worse player than I am now, it just makes me sad.

I hope that David finds what he wants in life and hopefully will fill my life with more 59’s instead of back nine 49’s.

Go David!!


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