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tiger wins 2 in a row

Yazan: mulligan | 12 December 2004 | Comments Off on tiger wins 2 in a row
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Tiger won his own tournament, the Target World Championship, going back to back with his win in Japan. It was a near flawless final round 66, that put him at -16. Paddy Harrington finished 2nd at -14. Congrats to Tiger for donating all of his tournament winnings ($1.25 million) to his charity, the Tiger Woods […]

tiger and butch

Yazan: mulligan | 09 December 2004 | Comments Off on tiger and butch
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George White has an excellent editorial on the inexplicable falling out between Tiger and Butch. Here’s a taste: “The everlasting question remains this one – why did he decide to change swing coaches when he had what might have been the most effective swing of all time? Reason screams that there must have been a […]

tiger tied for lead

Yazan: mulligan | 09 December 2004 | Comments Off on tiger tied for lead
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Tiger’s tied for the lead at his tournament, at -3. Bigger news: he says that he and Elin plan to have kids soon.

tiger target world challenge

Yazan: mulligan | 08 December 2004 | Comments Off on tiger target world challenge
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Tiger’s invited 15 of the top golfers to his Target World Challenge. The Big News: John Daly’s invited for the first time, and he’s playing tomorrow with none other than tournament host Tiger Woods. That just reminds me of what could have been if JD had been on the Ryder Cup team. When asked today […]

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