The Golf Blog: Dustin Johnson wins U.S. Open, 1st major, after overcoming controversial 1 stroke penalty

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The Golf Blog says: Dustin Johnson shot a 1-under 69 to win the U.S. Open by 3 shots after third round leader Shane Lowry shot a 76 in the final round. DJ had to overcome yet more controversy, as the USGA rules officials determined it was “more probable than not” that DJ caused his ball to move on the 5th green during his address. DJ initially maintained that he did not cause the ball to move, as opposed to the wind or slick green. But the USGA officials watched the video and approached DJ on the 12th green and said he would have to reconsider that hole’s score and whether he caused the ball to move (even without making contact with it). Luckily, it didn’t matter. Everyone else faded. Dustin birdied 18 to putt the nail in the coffin. DJ took the penalty. But other players lambasted the USGA rules officials for their ruling.

Oakmont is a storied golf course. But one wonders if they really needed to chop down 5,000 trees to give the course a more wide open look. Even if it hearkened back to an earlier look of the course, at least the two last U.S. Opens played at Oakmont had trees to penalize bad shots. Angel Cabrera won in 2007, shooting +5. This time, DJ won with -4 (-5 without the penalty).

The Golf Blog: Preview of U.S. Open at Oakmont

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The Golf Blog says: 7,000 trees were removed at Oakmont. It looks great, but was that environmentally friendly?

The Golf Blog: Tiger Woods won’t play U.S. Open

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The Golf Blog: Should PGA Tour suspend Phil Mickelson after SEC investigation finds he must repay $1 million for link to alleged insider trading by indicted gambler Billy Walters

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The Golf Blog says: Phil Mickelson has a reputation for being a gambler, both on and off the golf course. His gambling has finally caught up with him. As reported on May 24, the SEC charged Mickelson civilly as a “relief defendant,” a person who profited without knowledge of the origin of an illegal insider tip. According to the SEC, Mickelson owed professional gambler Billy Walters nearly $1 million. Walters, after allegedly received insider information from former Dean Food CEO Thomas Davis, told Mickelson to buy Dean Foods stock. Mickelson did and later sold it for a $931,000 profit. Both Walters and Davis have been criminally charged. [More.]

This is not the first time Phil Mickelson’s gambling has resulted in questionable dealings. According to ESPN, Mickelson was an “unnamed gambling client” of Gregory Silveira of La Quinta, who was convicted of money laundering from illegal sports betting, including allegedly $3 million from Mickelson.

PGA Tour spokesman Ty Votaw had no comment on any disciplinary action against Mickelson at the time of the SEC action.

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