Golf and Presidential Politics

mulligan, 28 January 2004, Comments Off on Golf and Presidential Politics
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Does it matter to some voters — at least to some golfing voters — whether a presidential candidate plays golf?

I must admit that, as an avid golfer, my perception of certain people (and perhaps even my affinity for them) can be influenced by whether they golf. Though votes likely do not turn solely on “golfer-status,” I think frequent golf references or golf outings by a candidate could, in various subtle ways, influence the public’s general perception of the candidate. Less clear is whether this would be a positive or a negative for candidates. More than 26 million people golf, so the “golfers’ vote” could be potent. But, of course, the politics of golf and the perception of golfers is surely influenced by the long-standing (and often accurate) perception of golf as an exclusive, exclusionary, rich, old, white man’s game.

In a related vein, who do you think Tiger Woods would support were he to vote in a democratic primary? Who do you think he’d vote for in the general election?


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