big slice, big hook: same result

mulligan, 02 February 2004, Comments Off on big slice, big hook: same result
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On Sunday, I saw two big chokes: One by Thomas Bjorn as he squandered his lead at the Johnny Walker Open by slicing his drive way right and into the water on the 14th. The other, at the Super Bowl, when the normally sure-footed John Kasay pulled the last kickoff way right (he’s left-footed) and out of bounds. I never enjoy watching professional athletes choking on shots that they probably could pull off blind-folded if the pressure were not on. Bjorn did this at least once before when he took 3 to get out of the bunker at the British Open last year, so maybe his meltdown shouldn’t be a big surprise. But John Kasay — when’s the last time this guy a pulled a duck hook out of bounds from a kickoff?


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