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mulligan, 14 February 2004, Comments Off on john daly
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I don’t believe in jinxes, at least not from The Golf Blog — Friday the 13th may be a different story. So today, Valentine’s Day, we should send a little love to John Daly, who is only 2 strokes back at Torrey Pines. He shot a 66 yesterday. The only shot I saw him hit on TV was a 3-iron on a par 5 from 260 yards, which he hit on the green. Amazing! He barely missed the putt for eagle.

John is sort of the lovable people’s champion, warts and all. If you’ve ever been to a tournament where he’s playing, you’ll know how many fans flock to see him play. It’s great. And during practice rounds John is one of the best golfers at signing autographs. You can tell he really likes to give back to the people. I’m rooting for him this weekend. Let’s hope he continues his solid play.


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