tiger almost knocked out by rollins?

mulligan, 25 February 2004, Comments Off on tiger almost knocked out by rollins?
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Well, if you missed it, Tiger struggled against John Rollins (who was the last seed in the tournament, No. 64th in the world). Tiger trailed most of the round by 1 down (and at one point by 2 down almost on its way to be 3 down). Walking to the par 3 17th, Tiger was 1-down with 2 holes left to play. Who, me, worry?, he must have been thinking.

I saw the end of it, and John Rollins let things slip away. It’s hard to find too much fault with him, though, when his opponent is Tiger Woods. I think any person who’s ranked No. 64 in the world would feel the nerves in trying to close out the No. 1 in the world.

But it still wasn’t pretty watching what happened: Rollins three-whacked (and I mean whacked) the 17th green, forcing himself to concede Tiger’s 2-and-a-half footer for birdie. After their second shots, Rollins and Tiger were both about 98 yards on the par 5 18th. Tiger hit his sand wedge about 25 feet away — yeah, pretty unspectacular. Rollins then took a pitching wedge and tried to 3/4 quarter it but ended up hitting it long into the bunker. By then, Rollins’s nerves looked shot and he chunked his bunker shot onto the fringe. Rollins’s chip had a chance at the cup but missed. Tiger then drained his birdie putt, to take the lead for the first time in the match — no problem.

Well, Tiger does not seem to do well in the first round of most tournaments. In fact, last year at this same tournament, he barely got by 16-seed Carl Petterson (2-1) in the first round. Tiger’s mental strength, however, is incredible. He always seems unflappable. I think even he would admit, though, that he’s going to have to play much better if he plans on defending. The driver going right is becoming a much too-often sight. Where’s Butch?


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