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Welcome to the inaugural week of The Golf Blog, the premier golf blog on the Net. Our mission is to provide all golfers and golf fans with thoughtful commentary about the happenings in the world of golf. Will Phil finally win a major? Does being a golfer help a presidential candidate? Will Michelle Wie win on the women’s tour this year or maybe even on the men’s tour one day, and what does her success mean for the future of the women’s tour? Will Tiger shatter the myth of his so-called “major slump”? We will analyze these and a host of other issues over the coming season, which is already shaping up to be one of the most exciting in golf.

We at The Golf Blog hope to hear from you, our readers. You can post your own comments to any of our postings simply by clicking on the “Comment” link, and you can do so anonymously if you prefer. We also will conduct polls in which we will let you, our readers, vote on a hot issue. The first issue is one that was sparked by Phil Mickelson’s win last week: Will this be the year Phil wins a major?

So if you’ve ever got up at 5 a.m. to make an early tee time, or stopped in a sports bar on a Sunday and asked a total stranger, “How’s Tiger doing?,” or experienced the thrill of sinking a putt or the low of chunking a shot into the water, stay tuned. This blog’s for you!

Ed, Douglas, Jason

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