daly in, duval out

mulligan, 30 March 2004, Comments Off on daly in, duval out
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So John Daly made the Masters. David Duval, however, has decided to sit this year’s out, to find his swing and enjoy his marriage to his new bride, a mother of three.

It is interesting to compare the careers of Daly and Duval. Daly has won 2 majors, and Duval, just 1 (although Duval more tournaments). Both players have somewhat unorthodox swings and great short games, but, right now, Daly’s game is head-and-shoulders above what Duval’s was last year. To be fair, Duval had a bunch of injuries plaguing him all year. If neither player won another major (let’s hope that doesn’t happen), Daly might get a slight edge for having the better career. And he surely is the fan favorite.


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