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You may have missed it, but over the weekend and Monday, both Butch Harmon and David Leadbetter were asked to comment on Tiger’s swing “problems.” Harmon was interviewed by NBC during the telecast of Sunday’s victory by Adam Scott, his current star pupil. Harmon graciously said a few good words about how Tiger had helped Adam along when he had taught both. But then he commented on Tiger’s swing plane, and how Tiger’s hands, arms, and body were not properly in synch. The critique was short, and I got the feeling that Butch did not want to say too much bad about Tiger. And, anyway, his star pupil Adam Scott was still on the course.

David Leadbetter was asked the same question by The Golf Channel. Leadbetter gave a fuller critique. He also said how Tiger’s swing was out of “synch” and commented how his clubface at the top appeared to be shut at times. On the downswing, Tiger was coming too much on top of the ball, which sometimes produced, when his body was out of synch with his arms, the open clubface at impact and the ball heading right. Leadbetter, though, was very careful to say that he thought Tiger didn’t have any serious problem and that he was confident that Tiger would work things out. Tiger always had some tendency to get the clubface shut at the top, Leadbetter suggested, and it’s normal for golfers to have old habits creep up.

Based on the two short interviews, and the fact that 23-year-old Adam Scott is now driving up in the rear view mirror, I’d be giving Leadbetter, not Harmon, a call.


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