monday recap: scott-free and a walk in the park

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PGA: So it was easy to predict Adam Scott would win the TPC after Day 3. He clearly had the most consistent swing, it was just rock solid. For 71 holes, Adam Scott seemed like he was cruising…

But the reason I love golf is that things can change in a heartbeat. Just when you are soaring, it can mercilessly bring you to your knees. No one’s immune. Not even the best golfers in the world.

On the 18th and final hole, Adam had a 2 shot lead at -13. Padraig Harrington shot an incredible 66, to finish earlier at -11 (his putt on 17 almost went in!). Adam hit a very safe 2-iron off the tee on the 18th, safely into the fairway. He then proceeded to hit his worst shot of the day, a 5-iron pulled badly left and into the water. That 2 stroke lead suddenly didn’t look safe. Padraig Harrington’s caddy gave him an incredulous look on the driving range as the two clearly could hear the moans emanating from the 18th.

But give props to Adam Scott for digging deep and hanging on. He collected himself, dropped near the green, and then pitched to 6 feet. Johnny Miller said no one has read the break of that putt all day — it’s a “trick putt.” Not to worry, Adam and his caddy read the putt correctly. And Adam pured the putt right into the center of the cup. He raised his clenched fist twice and yelled, “C’mon.”

Well, Adam is coming on strong now. Tiger, you better be working out the kinks in your swing soon because you have stiff competition for all those majors you want to win.

LPGA: Grace Park won her first major at the Kraft Nabisco. But she, like Adam Scott, needed to hole a putt on the final hole to clinch a victory. Playing in the same group, 17-year-old Arie Song put the pressure on Grace by nailing a 50-foot eagle putt on the last hole. Wow. But Grace was up for the challenge. She rolled the 5-footer in the center of the cup. Afterwards, she confessed that she was shaking all over before the putt. That’s what golf will do to you. Congrats, Grace and Adam!


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