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mulligan, 01 March 2004, Comments Off on more on the golf blog magic
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So if you are a follower of The Golf Blog, you will know that last week I suggested that there may be some “magic” to being listed on the “hot shots” category to the right on this blog. As of last week, 4 of our hot shots had won tournaments. Well, this week make it 5 with Tiger’s win. OK, maybe that really shouldn’t count because you can expect Tiger would win this year.

Perhaps the more freaky thing, however, was Aaron Baddeley’s (“Badds”) near win this weekend at the Chrysler Classic. As I mentioned last week, I threw Badds on our “hot shots” list just last week to mix things up. And, immediately, he ties his best finish at a PGA event (though squandering a tie for the lead on the last hole). Sure, it would have been better for The Golf Blog magic had he won. But there’s still the rest of the season left!

If you wonder how we determine who the “hot shots” are, it’s simple: whoever has his or her own website is eligible.


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