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Seve Ballesteros is playing at the Doral, to get ready for the Masters. In his prime, Seve was one of the most exciting players to watch, given his imagination and short game. I wish Sergio would start winning like Seve did.

Seve raises some valid concerns about the way in which technology is taking over the game. I’ve always wondered why professional golf seems to be so permissive in allowing new balls, new drivers, and new clubs. In baseball, players still use wooden bats. In tennis, which is probably more comparable to golf in equipment changes, at least has a standard ball for each tournament. In golf, it seems that most everything is fair game, so to speak, within certain limits (.86 COR, e.g.). I’m all for improving the technology for us hackers and weekend golfers, but the pros should have greater limits imposed on them. We don’t want to see every single pro golfer consistently driving it 320 yards or more one day.


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