stanford men’s golf coach: I won’t recruit Michelle Wie

mulligan, 11 March 2004, Comments Off on stanford men’s golf coach: I won’t recruit Michelle Wie
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Michelle Wie is on record as saying that she’d like to go to Stanford and play golf, like Tiger. There’s been a lot of talk that she should play college golf with the men. Stanford men’s golf coach Jeff Mitchell says, though, he won’t recruit any women to play on the men’s team. Are you serious? Michelle would beat a number of the people on the Stanford team right now. Give her 4 more years, and she’ll probably be beating every single one of the men on the Stanford golf team in the future.

Coach Mitchell thinks that no men’s program would recruit any women to play. Well, according to USA today, Beth Daniel already was recruited to play on her college team with the men. Coach, you have 3 years to wise up. You’d be lucky to have Michelle on your team.


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