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I received another email from Tiger yesterday. Honestly! If you go to his website and sign up, Tiger will start sending you emails. It’s very cool. In his latest email, Tiger recaps his days at boot camp, although he says some of it has to remain secret.

Tiger also congratulates Phil for winning the Masters, and then reveals that he has “picked the brains” of Rick Smith (Mickelson’s coach), Hank Haney, and David Leadbetter. Tiger also says that Mark O’Meara is one of his best friends, but NOT his swing coach. What this shows is that Tiger is reading all the press about his falling out with Butch Harmon. Who knows, maybe Tiger’s reading The Golf Blog?

Here’s a brief excerpt from Tiger:

Hats off to Phil Mickelson for winning. He did what he had to do to win the tournament and made the putts he had to make, especially at 12 and 16. I’m sure it will boost his confidence to know that he’s proven he can do it under pressure.

You have to have a little luck on your side, and he caught a big break on the last green when Chris DiMarco putted from almost the exact same line. Then, his putt didn’t lip out, which it easily could have. When things go your way, that’s the only way you can win a major. Every one I’ve won, I’ve had some great breaks.

As for my swing, I honestly believe it’s close to where I want it. The driver is really coming around; it just takes time and work.

I have always picked people’s brains, everyone from Rick Smith and Hank Haney, to David Leadbetter. That’s the only way you can grow. Ninety-percent of the information I throw out immediately; five-percent I try and discard; and five-percent I retain. I just take little bits and pieces, and sometimes it works.

Some people have suggested that Mark O’Meara is my second set of eyes. That’s what I have a video camera for. He’s not my swing coach. He’s one of my best friends and is like a big brother to me. And, as anyone who has a big brother will attest, you don’t always agree on things.

My game is on the right track; there is no doubt about it. If you watch me hit shots, I’m hitting shots that I haven’t hit in a long time. I got stuck on one golf shot the entire week at Augusta, and that’s pretty good.

Talk to you next month.

For more, please visit Tiger’s site and sign up. It’s all free!


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