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mulligan, 06 April 2004, Comments Off on the king and I
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I never had the privilege of seeing Arnold Palmer play in person. Nor did I have the privilege of ever seeing any of his golf tournaments from his heyday, at least not more than a clip. I feel, in many respects, deprived. Deprived of beholding the greatness this man brought to the game of golf. The best I can settle for are the memories I have of watching some of those Skins Game matches against Jack, Tom, and Lee.

But I do understand what Arnold Palmer brought to the game of golf. His army, the throngs of fans, the “I’m all in,” go-for-broke mentality, the signature follow-through, and, most of all, his graciousness and identification with the people. In many ways, he is what you would get today if you crossed a little bit of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and the people’s champion John Daly. But, even then, that would not be enough to replicate the man that people have long called The King.

Well, this week will be Arnold Palmer’s last Masters tournament. He’s 74, playing in his 50th consecutive major. Yes, 50 in a row. His grandson will be caddying for him, and I’m sure other family will be watching. It will be a sentimental moment. The Golf Blog wishes Mr. Palmer the best of luck! Thank you for helping to make this game all that it is today.

UPDATE: excellent SI article on Arnie and his place in history.


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