my monday idea: standard ball tournaments

mulligan, 26 April 2004, Comments Off on my monday idea: standard ball tournaments
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So here’s an idea for a golf tournament: once a year, one tournament should be chosen to have only 1 ball manufacturer’s golf balls used by all the golfers. The idea would be similar to tennis, in which they play the entire tournament with one kind of tennis ball. I’d give some leeway and allow manufacturers to have several different kinds of balls — e.g., Titleist Pro-v1 and Pro-v1x — that might suit different players. But the idea would be making 1 tournament a year more “standard” in equipment. Each year a different manufacturer would get its ball used.

Just think how fun it would be see the pros hitting Top-flites! (Speaking of golf balls, what ever happened to the orange golf ball popularized by Jerry Pate?)


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