not purdy, again?

mulligan, 22 April 2004, Comments Off on not purdy, again?
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Shame on The Golf Channel for continuing to give air time to debate Stewart Cink’s clearing away of pebbles from the waste land area on the final hole of the playoff last Sunday (which he birdied). And shame on Mark Lye and Brandle Chamblee for suggesting that what Stewart did initially did not sit well with them. And shame on Ted Purdy for his phone interview suggesting that Stewart violated some rule. I felt sorry for Purdy on Sunday for his collapse, now I just feel disgust.

Stewart Cink acted perfectly within the rules. As the two PGA rules officials explained, the 18th waste area is NOT a sand bunker or a hazard — Pete Dye designed the course at Harbour Town to have a waste area. Stewart Cink specifically asked a rules official on the 18th what was permissible. The rules official said he could remove loose impediments (meaning the pebbles), lightly ground his club, and even take a practice swing. All that Stewart did was remove the loose impediments. This was all within both the letter and spirit of the rules. For The Golf Channel to air most of its Pre-Game show to this trumped up “controversy” with none of its commentators really standing up for Stewart Cink is a complete travesty.

UPDATE: for Purdy’s own words, visit here.


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