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email from Tiger

Yazan: mulligan | 21 April 2004 | Comments Off on email from Tiger
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I received another email from Tiger yesterday. Honestly! If you go to his website and sign up, Tiger will start sending you emails. It’s very cool. In his latest email, Tiger recaps his days at boot camp, although he says some of it has to remain secret. Tiger also congratulates Phil for winning the Masters, […]

not purdy

Yazan: mulligan | 18 April 2004 | Comments Off on not purdy
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So when you’ve never placed in the top 10 in a PGA tour event, but are sitting on a 4 shot leading going into the final round, I can only imagine what kind of mental gremlins haunt you during the round. Well, Ted Purdy faced this situation at Harbour Town … and he wilted (although […]

trump, the apprentice, and carolyn kepcher

Yazan: mulligan | 16 April 2004 | Comments Off on trump, the apprentice, and carolyn kepcher
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So I must confess I haven’t seen The Apprentice. Sorry, I barely have time to watch TV, and my only reality show is American Idol. But I’ve just discovered how much golf is a part of Trump’s empire. He owns 2 exclusive golf clubs, for which you might be able to get on the waiting […]

tiger finishes boot camp

Yazan: mulligan | 16 April 2004 | Comments Off on tiger finishes boot camp
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Tiger has finished his military tour at Fort Bragg. After 3 days of boot camp, he has a better understanding of what his father did. This may not help Tiger straighten out his drives, but he should at least be commended for his time at the junior golf clinic helping the youngsters out. Now, if […]

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