a picture is worth a thousand words: tiger 2000 v. tiger 2004

mulligan, 07 April 2004, Comments Off on a picture is worth a thousand words: tiger 2000 v. tiger 2004
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Golf swing guru Jim McLean offers a photo by photo analysis of Tiger’s swing from 2000 to 2004. I will let the pictures do the talking. It’s an amazing photo analysis. What I want to know is whether the 2004 photo is just of one bad swing, or is representative? From the golf analysis I’ve seen already on the air during Tiger’s tournaments, I suspect it’s pretty representative.

UPDATE: Tiger’s neighbor John Cook says that in the past week he’s watched Tiger play and that his swing is real close to his 2000 form. During his interview, Tiger said that he’s almost there, back to his 2000 form, although he conceded his takeaway and setting up at the top are not as consistent. But he’s almost there. Well, this puts things back to where Vijay left it. Tiger’s Tiger, and he may be having swing problems or he may come out and win the Masters, we don’t know.

UPDATE 2: The most priceless moment of the Masters so far. Tiger Woods hit a hole in one in Wednesday’s Par 3 Tournament, with none other than Arnold Palmer standing right next to him in his group. Tiger didn’t win the Par 3 Tournament, but he probably didn’t want to. No one who’s ever won that tournament has gone to win the Masters. But I’m sure this will be one of Tiger’s most special moments of his career.


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