tiger: any questions?

mulligan, 09 April 2004, Comments Off on tiger: any questions?
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None. He answered them with a 69, 3 under par, to pull even at the Masters. He’s 6 strokes back of Justin Rose.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but a fellow member of The Golf Blog said to me today (while we were playing golf) that Tiger may not make the cut. I said no way, he can shoot a 68 and be right back in it. So I was off by 1 stroke.

As for my own game, this was my 1st time out this season, and let’s just say I’m glad there was no camera to catch all of my bad swings. I didn’t start getting my rhythm until the round was almost over. Maybe it is I who needs to see Butch Harmon.


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