big day for the Spaniards and Mexico!

mulligan, 16 May 2004, Comments Off on big day for the Spaniards and Mexico!
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Sunday could prove to be a “trifecta” for the Spaniards. Miguel Jimenez already won the BMW Asian Open. Lorena Ochoa is leading the Franklin American Mortgage Championship. And Sergio Garcia is leading the EDS Byron Nelson Championship. We’ll see if today is Spaniard Sunday. I wonder if this has ever happened before.

UPDATE 2.0: Thanks to Blogger Vance for his correction! Lorena Ochoa is from Mexico, not Spain. My bad. The trifecta turned out be only a bifecta with Sergio winning his 4th PGA tour victory (he’s only 24), and Miguel Angel winning in Asia today. It was still a special day in Spain, but also in Mexico with Lorena Ochoa winning her 1st LPGA tour victory.


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