It’s all about the flat stick

mulligan, 10 May 2004, Comments Off on It’s all about the flat stick
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Though I’ve not really learned anything new, this season I am really focused on my short game and the difference it can make in my scoring. Yesterday I had the chance to sneak out and play a quick nine, and proved yet again that a hot putter is the most important club in the bag.

I’ve been struggling a bit with my ball-striking lately, but yesterday a bunch of good misses off the tee combined with good short iron play allowed me still to hit 5 greens. That’s nothing new, since I probably average 4-6 GIR per nine. What was new was rolling in 4 birdie putts — to set a personal record for birdies for 9 holes — and a total of 13 putts for the side. (I probably average, sadly, 16-17 putts per nine.)

For those of you not adding at home, this means a side of one-under 35. Though I finished with a flourish, making my longest birdie putts on holes 8 and 9, I am ultimately glad I did not have time to play the back. The last time I got under par deep in a round, I immediate went double, double on the next two hole to come back to earth with a crash.

Here’s hoping my putter stays hot throughout the season.


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