Johnny: Tiger’s best days are behind him

mulligan, 11 May 2004, Comments Off on Johnny: Tiger’s best days are behind him
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Johnny Miller is never one to mince words. In his latest book I Call the Shots, he says that Tiger’s best days are behind him and that Tiger won’t catch Jack’s record of 18 professional majors.

Even worse: he likens Tiger’s meteoric rise to David Duval and none other than himself, Johnny Miller.

My take: Tiger can do whatever he really wants to do. David Duval and Johnny Miller did not have as much talent, combined, as Tiger. What’s keeping Tiger from dominating golf is that golf is no longer his No. 1 or sole obsession. He’s got Elin, and he’s dumped Butch and has too much pride to go back. A balky (Nike) driver will keep Tiger from dominating tournaments like he did in the past. A balky driver can be corrected, though. And Tiger’s got the most talent on the men’s tour, so it’s really up to Tiger how well Tiger does.


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