The Long Putter Debate

mulligan, 27 May 2004, Comments Off on The Long Putter Debate
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ESPN.COM had a great article about the long (belly) putter debate which is now brewing on the PGA Tour and at local golf clubs.

Personally, I have no issues with those who decide to use a longer putter if they are able to get the ball in the hole faster. Granted, I’ve putted crosshand, standard, and currently with a version of the claw/saw putting grip, I understand that the yips and nerves are part of the game. Even at the ripe age of 23, I’ve been known to feel nerves and miss putts which I should make.

But, I believe the issue is not whether people should be allowed to “anchor” the club against their chest, but when it comes to drops and “2 club lengths”. At some point, the USGA and R&A will be forced to determine how long is 2 long. For example, I played with a guy in a scramble who had a 54 inch driver. Now, I use a 44 inch driver and when you get 1 club length that 10 inches seemed like a lot of difference. Especially when you hit it 52 inches into the rough. So what do you think? Should the long putter be outlawed??


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