news flash: curtis strange quits ABC

mulligan, 20 May 2004, Comments Off on news flash: curtis strange quits ABC
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This one is a bit of a shocker. Curtis Strange resigned his post as lead commentator for ABC’s golf coverage. It appears he wanted a long term contract to compensate for giving up the chance to compete on the Champion’s Tour. He will be 50 in January and then eligible to play. And he knows the “young” guns on the Champion’s Tour are the ones who usually win.

My Take: I didn’t like Curtis as a golfer, but I still had great respect for his back to back U.S. Opens. That’s superb. But I really liked Curtis as a commentator. He’s very insightful, a straight shooter, and much less hyperbolic than Johnny Miller. Curtis gave me a line that I always repeat when I’m on the golf course:

When you’re in the middle of the fairway and have a clear shot with a 7,8, or 9 iron, you should be able to eat spaghetti off the club.

Unfortunately, I don’t yet have that kind of control…

: although I do know jasholin1 and douglas can eat spaghetti off any iron (despite the latter’s low carb regimen).


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