sergio needs buddies, tiger may partner with chad

mulligan, 20 May 2004, Comments Off on sergio needs buddies, tiger may partner with chad
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Here’s some interesting news for the day. It appears Sergio has no non-golfing buddies with whom he can just hang out with in Orlando. Time to call up Jesper Parnevik for some new friends.

Also, Tiger may be paired with Chad Campbell at the Ryder cup. That would be an interesting combination, but I’d also consider the consistent David Toms (although don’t know their track record together). At least out of curiousity, to see what would happen, I might toy with the idea of Tiger-Mickelson or Tiger-John Daly (if Daly makes it) for a brief moment. But then my good senses would come back to me.

Speaking of Phil, here’s what Tiger said when asked if he’s noticed anything different about Phil since he won the Masters: “I’ve never seen him on so many TV shows before.”


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