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mulligan, 18 May 2004, Comments Off on slow play, pre-shot routines
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I can’t stand slow play, either when I’m out on the course or watching the pros. I’m not sure if they are habitually slow, but Robert Damron and Jerry Kelly seemed to be taking a lot of time on Sunday to get up and “just hit the ball” as Lanny Wadkins said, commentating.

Even more aggravating to me is the pre-shot routine of a growing number of pros, both men and women, who have their caddies stand behind them before every shot (only to move away right before the shot because it’s illegal to stay there). I understand that this could help with the pro’s alignment with the ball. Sure, I’d love to have someone make sure I’m aimed at the target for each shot and each putt. But the pros don’t need help with their alignment like I do. I have never seen a caddy ever correct a professional golfer about his or her alignment on the tour. Not once. It’s more of an empty, time-consuming ritual — and one that should be stopped.

Kudos should go to Sergio for transforming not only his swing, but his crazy “milking the cow” regripping pre-shot routine from a couple years ago. As with his cars, Sergio now plays fast. Way to go, El Nino!


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