Softspikes Celebrates it’s 10th year!

mulligan, 05 May 2004, Comments Off on Softspikes Celebrates it’s 10th year!
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I probably should be studying for my Mergers and Acquisition exam, but I decided to take a break to look around the world of golf and I noticed this article on regarding Softspikes and how they are celebrating their 10th year.

Granted, I’m only 23 years old, but I still remember playing golf with regular metal cleats and how they made such a distinctive sound of concrete or how they would sink into the blacktop at the country club when I would walk to throw my clubs into my mother’s minivan during a hot summer day. Those were the days when you could actually tap down spikemarks as a local rule. Now, I have nothing to really complain about when I hit a putt that doesn’t go in. Granted, people who do not know how to walk with cleats on can leave nice skid marks on a green, but the evolution of plastic spikes has certainly changed golf. Similar to the metal driver or the sand wedge, I agree with the article that the creation of softspikes will be looked at in the future as a evolution.

Now, I just wish they had clubs that you couldn’t hit 90 yards straight right off the tee, but I’m sure that it just me. Also, I did play in a tournament this past weekend with my dentist Dr. Cox (my last name is Job), we were 1 shot out of the money, but for a law student who had an exam the day before and an exam on the monday afterwards, we did not play too poorly. May 15th’s the next tournament in my quest to make the Golfer of the Year tourament.


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