A Tale of Two Sundays

mulligan, 16 May 2004, Comments Off on A Tale of Two Sundays
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Though winners and the stories at the top of the leaderboard always get the most attention, I always like thinking about other Sunday stories. At the Byron, consider the different Sundays had by Tim Herron and Tommy Tolles.

Herron tees off at -3 and cards a 2 and eight 3s as part of an impressive 64 and finishes at -9. Ending tied for fourth, Tim gets to take home about $240,000 for his week’s work. Tolles goes out a few groups later starting at -4. But he cards two 6s and eight 5s on his way to an ugly 80 to finish at +6. Ending in 76th place, Tommy takes home only $10,000 for his efforts.

Geez, I am sure glad I do not work a job where one real bad day at the office can cost me over $200,000.


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