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mulligan, 06 May 2004, Comments Off on why I love this game
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We had a board meeting of The Golf Blog today — out on the golf course, of course. It was summer weather, and the course was in pristine condition. My allergies were pretty bad, but I had a great time being outdoors. I can’t say I played lights out, but I didn’t play poorly, either. To borrow Tiger’s line, I feel like the things I’m working on are getting pretty close, or at least closer.

But, in my case, there are so many more things to work on. Today, it was my putting. I showed up early to practice because my putting this year has been horrendous (decelerating), and because it’s something I usually don’t practice. I futzed around with 2 putters, but ended up sticking with my current one. And I finally started rolling the ball better after I turned to a new grip — right index finger pointed down the right side of the shaft. It worked. My putting was much better — more of an accelerating stroke. I didn’t sink everything, but I did roll in a nice 20-footer on the last hole. If only I can fix my short game that quickly.


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