2nd Highest Stroke Average In US Open History

mulligan, 21 June 2004, Comments Off on 2nd Highest Stroke Average In US Open History
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Has the USGA screwed up?? Or is Shinnecock that difficult??

ESPN.com had an article about the high scores in the final round of the US Open.

The last round at Shinnecock had none of the best players in the world finish under par for the day. Robert Allenby shot even par 70 and moved up to 7th place. Many of the best players failed to break 80.

There are many questions/concerns I have about this year’s US Open; however, having been to the Open Championship last year at Royal St. Georges (where hitting the fairway and landing on a mound that was 8 feet tall and having your ball go 90 degrees left or right), Shinnecock was just that difficult.

But, why water the 7th green between some groups and not all?

Why double cut and roll a green that was not supposed to have been double cut at all?

Is it good to watch the best players in the world not be able to hit directly at a green from 140 yards and have to pitch out?

I guess it depends on who you are… I thought that Goosen’s putting performance on the last 18 holes was unbelievable and even though my house was rooting for Phil, I’d say it was about as close to Jack in 1986 at the Masters, as I’ll ever see…


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