Cuban Wants To Be The Donald’s Caddy…

mulligan, 21 June 2004, Comments Off on Cuban Wants To Be The Donald’s Caddy…
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In an upcoming charity golf outing, Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, former manager of a Dairy Queen, among other things, has asked Donald Trump to hire him as his caddy for the tournament. As the story goes, Cuban will be auctioning off his caddying services for the tournament. Cuban will also match all of donations, which support families of soldiers who have died or been injured during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Personally, I think it’d be a trip to see Trump fire Cuban!

Talk about a power struggle between a couple of the richest people in the world!

I can see the following conversation occur on a par 3 over water with the pin in front of the green…

The Donald: Please hand me the 5 iron…

Cuban: You know Donald, I heard Trump National has a golf hole that cost $13 million dollars. I bet this hole is more difficult.

TD: Just give me the damn 5 iron.

Cuban: In fact, I bet you $50,000 that you’ll hit it in the water.


Cuban: So what do you guys think?? (referring to the crowd) Don’t you think that “The Donald” will hit his ball into the drink?

TD: Give me the damn 5-iron.

Cuban: Ok Donald, (handing The Donald a 5 wood) here is the 5-iron

TD: You idiot! You’re Fired!

The Donald then addresses his ball, and while taking his club back, Cuban asks, “So how does it feel to be poorer than your caddie?”


The Donald, hits his ball into the water, runs his hand though his comb-over, and proceeds to throw his club into the water.

Cuban, then walking away says: “You know Donald, you keep throwing clubs and putting balls in the water, this hole might become worth $13 million…”

Oh to be there to experience this one…


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