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If you did not get to see David Duval’s press conference, you missed a lot. It’s quite clear to me that David is a changed man in his golf and in his life. He talked about his former No. 1 status and then British Open Championship almost as if they were unfulfilling. “Is this it?” he asked after he won. Now, he’s found his new love, Susie, whom he married and whose 3 kids he’s now stepfather to.

But don’t think David isn’t passionate about golf. “I was in tears when I called home Saturday night when I was out golfing and said that I was going to New York and I’ve been in and out of tears ever since,” he said.

He also admits he’s really nervous. Said Duval, “Since I made the decision Saturday night to come, I’ve been nervous. Susie has been saying all along that she was feeling that this was where I was going to play, and I didn’t know it. I really didn’t know it.”

Frankly, it’s good to finally hear David open up, and come out from behind those wrap around sunglasses. It seems a long shot if David will ever pull off the magical run of tournament wins that brought him to No. 1 in the world. But it’s clear that’s not his priority any more. He’s got his family now, and he just wants to have fun again playing golf. Let’s hope he does this week.

UPDATE: As might be expected, David is struggling in his opening round. He’s 7 over par after 13 holes. Hope he hangs in there.


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