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For some reason, I love to fiddle with new equipment and have pretty much hit every club on the market. I have grown up with golfers and I have a couple of good friends, who are just as hot about golf and have enough money to spend on golf that I get to try many clubs with them. I’m about a 2 handicap, so take my comments for what they are worth to you.

I found this article on about the new Titeist and Cobra line of clubs. I just hit the Cobra composite model of woods this week. Personally, I wasn’t a big fan of the feel, but the way the club set-up, I could see this line become a big seller. Cobra has always made a good line of metal woods and this line will probably be a hot seller as well. The composite model combines metal and graphite for a bit of extra love. I wasn’t a big fan of the stock shaft they had in the driver, but that is just personal preference.

The new titleist irons are amazing. The 704.CB irons are forged, cavity back, non-offset, standard size, “low handicap” version. The 804.OS irons are oversized, with offset depending on club, and forged. These would be for your “stock” golfer. The aid of offset allows people to hit the ball a bit higher and decreases the fade spin on the ball. I have hit both and love them. If I did not just spend $600 on a set of Cleveland TA7 Tour irons last year, I would have a set of these in my bag. I was a big fan of the 704.CB short irons and the 804.OS long irons. Maybe I could get Titleist to make me a “rainbow” set. Or maybe I could find a way to make a bit more money and time to spend on golf.

I’ll be hitting the new Taylormade R7 series driver next week. I have a buddy who just got one and wants me to try it. Now, if you haven’t seen it, it definately looks like something out of Caddyshack. With screw in weight ports and different settings (which you cannot change during a “round”), you are able to control spin rate, ball flight, trajectory, etc.

Here is an article in USA Today about the R7 series Driver.

Next thing they are going to come up with is a club that just hits itself. I’ll give you more information after I’ve hit it.


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