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mulligan, 23 June 2004, Comments Off on retief goosen
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I watched a little of The Golf Channel’s replay of the U.S. Open — don’t ask me why, I already had watched it live. But the replay was very nicely done, perhaps even better than the original. The Golf Channel interspersed clips of Kelly Tilghman’s interview with Retief Goosen, to provide commentary on his play. They also had other interviews mixed in, which really added to the actual footage of the championship. If The Golf Channel does replay it again, you may want to catch a look.

I was struck by one thing: Retief Goosen is not flashy and doesn’t yet have the star power as Ernie (maybe he should), but he’s more engaging than his somewhat reserved persona on the course might suggest. He’s soft-spoken, but seems very modest and genuine. And we all know what kind of game he has. He may give Ernie his run for his money as the best player from South Africa. Congratulations, Retief!


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