two for tuesday

mulligan, 22 June 2004, Comments Off on two for tuesday
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Some guys have all the luck … but apparently not me. I played golf on Father’s Day with my dad. It was a great day, with beautiful weather, but, oh, what could have been…

Within the span of about 2 1/2 hours, I came within 1 foot of hitting 2 holes-in-one. Unfortunately, neither ball went in. On the 167 yard 5th hole, I hit the purest 6-iron I’ve hit all year — it felt sweet the moment I hit it. The ball was directly on line with the pin and hit about a foot above the hole, then rolled back with backspin hitting the pin but ricocheting to the left about 1 foot away. I had to settle for birdie.

Then, on the 170 yard 16th hole, I hit a soft 5-iron (I was a little tired by then). The ball was not directly on target like the 5th hole, but had some cut to it, veering to the hole. The ball ended up pin high, a foot to the left. Another birdie. Oh well. For the record, I’m still looking for my first hole-in-one. Had one of these balls ended up in the cup, I could have just about hung up my clubs for the year and called it a success. Had both ended up in, well, I can keep dreaming…


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