Just like Tiger?

mulligan, 04 July 2004, Comments Off on Just like Tiger?
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Remember that period from 1997 to 1999 between his first Masters win and his first PGA win when Tiger was always in the hunt in majors but would have an ugly double- or triple-bogey to keep him from being in the last few groups on Sunday? That’s what I keep thinking about when I see that Michelle Wie is still high on the leader board despitea few ugly late-round doubles. And remember, SHE’S ONLY 14!

Oh, Juli, you are now 8 back of Michelle. The good news is this means you’ll almost have your Sunday round finished before Michelle tees off in the fourth-to-last group. Then you, too, can follow the woman most likely to raise the profile of not just women’s golf, but all of women’s sports.


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