news flash: tiger switches to new driver

mulligan, 01 July 2004, Comments Off on news flash: tiger switches to new driver
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Tiger Woods reportedly is using a new graphite driver, with a larger head. He hit 8 or 14 fairways, but admittedly did not play well, shooting -1 under par, 6 shots back of Loren Roberts. I’m assuming that it’s still a Nike driver, but it’s not clear if the graphite is the head or shaft. For control, I’d recommend going with a medium-sized or smaller titanium head, with graphite shaft. But there’s only so much you can do when you’re working with a Nike driver…

UPDATE: I saw a clip of Tiger swinging the new driver. To me, it looks like the same old Nike Ignite driver with a graphite shaft. Tiger says he’s hitting it longer.


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